At GlossyGlobe our main goal is to make your hair beautiful by giving it the nourishment and support that it so desperately needs! But it’s so much more than hair. With healthy and attractive hair, we know women just like you will also find the confidence and happiness they’ve been searching for. Life was meant to be enjoyed. So, why not enjoy it with perfect hair!

In Salon

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Need help? Give us a call



Body Care AED Time
Anticellulite Massage 200 45 min
Hot Stone Massage 230 75 min
Relaxing Massage 190 60 min
Deep Tissue 300 60 min
Balenese Massage 250 60 min
Shiatsu Massage 300 60 min
Neck and Shoulder 130 30 min
Reflexology Massage 150/250 30/60 min
Head Massage 100 30 min